May 31, 2006

Hammerfest visits OBX, North Carolina

Notice the large human hand in the photo next to the dangerous piranha fish. I think the hand just makes it look WAAAAAAy more realistic :)

This is again one of a few stupid pictures we took down in OBX, North Carolina over the past weekend. We got a little silly with the camera, but I thought these would be funny to share.

The kittens have nothing at all to do with Hammerfest (like the piranha and sharks teeth did...) but I just thought it would be funny to post this one too.

This is just what I wanted to have posted on the site. Stupid pics of Hammerfest bumper stickers in strange and odd places. These few are thanks to Erin Varley, Sam Powley and yours truly, care of Outer Banks, North Carolina. Feel free to email me photos of these stickers in weird places and I'll add them to the site. Take care and good luck!

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