May 19, 2006

Last Hammerfest IV-y update

Originally sent on 4/27/06:

So here is the deal. I hope this email finds you all doing well and having a good April. The weather is getting warmer, it's time to bring the bikes outside, go camping in a rain storm, and break out the short shorts to show off those vitamin D starved thighs. Oooh spring time, what a wonderful time of year. Some of you also may be wondering, "Gee, it's the end of April and we haven't had a Hammerfest Mile Swim yet this month, what gives?!?!" Well kids, I have the answer to your prayers right here…

On April 29th, 2006 at promptly 1pm, only the finest athletes from the greater Rochester region will convene at the Otto Schultz building on Nazareth's campus to partake in the epic, world class event, also known as Hammerfest IV-y. (Anyone who doesn't get that joke, just say the Roman numerals aloud) The open swim at Nazareth is from 1pm-4pm on Saturday and just if anyone doesn't believe me, they can check this link ( I'm going to verify this AGAIN with the crazy lady at the pool to make sure it's open when we want to swim. Shouldn't be a problem…but I don't want to have a fiasco like last time.

As always this is a 66 lap race of 1,650 meters at the pool at Naz. Your "entry fee" is $2 if you are not a college student at Nazareth, or free if you can sneak past the girl running the table. The first wave will go off promptly at 1:30pm to allow enough people to get there and get changed and warm up a bit. It will also allow some time for stragglers to get in and get changed and get into the pool. There will be two (or more) waves and each wave will count for the other wave, and if you don't know how to count, someone will show you. (Preferably not Phil though, cause he counts really weird - just ask anyone who has seen any of his counting performances…) Afterwards if someone with a Nazareth student ID shows up we can hang out in the sauna which apparently adjoins the men and women's locker rooms at Naz. (Found that lucrative piece of information out during Hammerfest 3.5….) otherwise we can get John Hunter to flirt with the girl who is holding the open swim and she'll most likely let us use her ID to open it up.

The winner of Hammerfest IV gets a case of his/her favorite adult beverage purchased by the slower swimmers. (If anyone wants to know in advance, I prefer Guinness) Everyone just chips in to buy it for the winner. Additionally, everyone is invited back to my apartment afterwards for the awards ceremony where we will have race goody bags for each participant (wahoo!), door prizes, and plenty of food, drink, and sexy people there (it IS at my house after all...) Oh and Greg, you can forward this along to cardboard cutout Brian as I hear he is really fun to drink with…and the regular Brian is too pansy to come and flex his chest muscles for the swim.

We will have various awards at the ceremony such as the "best of times/worst of times", the ever prized tin foil and wire coat hanger trophy cup, and of course the raffle for door prizes. I can't leak all the finer details, but I can say for sure that there will be more Fuel Belt product there, in addition to other FABULOUS prizes. Also, the goody bags are GREAT this time around and I have a feeling that you all will be impressed! Goody bags are sponsored in part by Fleet Feet.

The top ten list will be updated after this months swim and as always it looks like it will be shuffled around a bit. We have some new swimmers who are already registered and rip-roaring-ready-to-go, so they may make some good waves this weekend to the leader board. One can only hope. So far registered this time around we have myself, Sam and Chadrick Powley, Kelly and Tim Boerschlsteinolopolous, Erin Varley, Phil VanPoopsalot, and Sys Hasslund. I hear there is a rumor that if you pressure him enough the famed Travis Money (T$ folks) might show up and strut his stuff, and John Hunter, Tim Howland, Alexis, Greg, and Heather are all maybe's right now. But if they knew what was good for them, they would show up and swim in an awesome race. If you are marked as a maybe, or not even on the registered swimmers list, email me back and let me know you want to swim and I'll add you right to the list.

So in closing, Saturday April 29th, 1pm, show up to the Otto Schultz building on Nazareth College's campus to partake in Hammerfest IV and swim a mile, afterwards hang out in the sauna and come back to my apartment for the awards ceremony where there will be much food, drink and fun. Bring $2 for your entry fee and I'll see you in the water. May you all catch a draft on the way there…but not a speeding ticket...


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