May 19, 2006

First ever Hammerfest email

The following was originally sent in a mass email to all Hammerfest swimmers on 1/4/06. I am republishing everything here just to get everything in one location and be able to access it while I am not at work. Enjoy!


I know I've been talking about this for a while, but I've finally nailed down a date. Saturday, January 21st, 2005 will be the date for the inaugural indoor "off-season" mile swim race. This gives people enough time to hop in the pool and get ready to drop the hammer for this late January race.

To anyone who doesn't know, this will be a 1,650 yard race at (most likely) Nazareth College's indoor pool located in the Otto Schultz building. We may have to share lanes depending on how many people show up, but as long as no one rips T-Money's goggles off during this, we should be ok. We will swim and have people counting laps for us (65 is the last number you will see on the counter if anyone wonders, as 66x 25yds = 1,650) and the winner will get a case of their favorite adult beverage. Everyone who didn't come in first, pitches in to buy the case and we can all head to my apartment to have a little gathering and maybe share the beverage if anyone is up for it. This is more of a workout to help us all get stronger in the swim leg of triathlons and push each other to excel as a group.

I haven't really thought about wetsuits, but I guess if you are a retard and wanna wear one, we'll call an ambulance in advance and tell them to come to the pool for a dehydrated swimmer who sweat themselves to death in 76 degree water. (that means this is a sans-wetsuit race. We don't want any fatalities.)

Tentatively the start time is 3pm. But if anyone has a problem with that I'm sure we can adjust. I don't want to make it too early as some of us like to enjoy the Friday nights in the off season… Just email me and let me know if the time works for you. Additionally I've checked the local race calendars and there doesn't appear to be a race on this particular Saturday. (other than that 10k snowshoe race at 11am, but that will give everyone time to do both if they want)
Feel free to invite anyone who would want to swim, be a counter, or be a naked cheerleader to this inaugural event. Its open to everyone (please, only HOT naked cheerleaders…) and if there is anyone else who I forgot…sorry, just forward it to them and shoot me their email, so I can add it to my list.

Let me know if anyone's interested. See you all later. Cheers.


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