May 19, 2006

Hammerfest one hype up

Originally sent via mass email on 1/13/06:

I hope the warm sunshine and great temperatures have been treating you all well the last few days and you all have gotten a chance to catch some sunrays (when the sun actually pops thru the clouds) Some of you may be getting this email correspondence for the first time, I stole a bunch of names from Greg's list...

But on to bigger and better things; The inaugural hammerfest mile swim is 8 days away. The date is set for January 21st at 3pm at the Otto Schultz building on Nazareth's College's campus. It's during the open swim, but no one really goes to the open swim at Naz anyway. Admission to get in is $2. Not that big of a deal, but I thought I would let everyone know to bring some cash.
As mentioned in previous emails, this is a mile swim consisting of 1,650 yards (66 laps). The winner gets a case of his/her favorite adult beverage purchased by the slower swimmers. (If anyone wants to know in advance, I prefer Guinness) Everyone just chips in to buy it for the winner. Additionally, everyone is invited back to my apartment afterwards to hang out and share the beverage if the winner is up for it.

So far we have myself, Greg B, Erin Varley, Brian Matthews, Phil VP, and Heather McLendon signed up as competitors. Those who are still indecisive are Travis Money, Darren Vogt (told us it was going to be a game time decision), Dave Tanascoli (but he'll probably wuss out like he did for the Bopple/Gannett challenge) and John Hunter as a maybe's.

This is a co-ed swim so bring anyone you would like who thinks they have some speed in the water. Its just basically a fun friendly competition that will help us all to get stronger and faster and excel as a group. (cause no one like swimming on their own)

We still also need like one or to more people to count for us, so if you know anyone that would like to do that, or have a significant other that wants to come watch, we can put them to work as they spectate. On the same note, we have no volunteers for the HOT naked cheerleaders, so I think obviously it was just too short notice for them a I hear they are in high demand. If you know of anyone that wants to be a cheerleader, lemme know. :-p

If anyone has any questions about this give me a call on my cell phone at XXX-520-6844 or if you know of anyone else that would want to participate, just forward this along. I'll probably write just one more email a day or two out from the swim. Good luck training and I hope to see you all on the 21st. Cheers.

~Travis Earley

PS - If I didn't list you as a "yes" or a "maybe" and you plan on competing, just shoot me an email and let me know if you will or will not be attending, just so I can get an idea of who is coming. Thanks!

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