May 19, 2006

REPLY from Tim Howland on H2 rundown, originally sent on 2/21/06:

I'm shocked an appalled at the lewdness and gross misrepresentations of your
e-mail Travis. My lawyer will be in touch regarding the libel you so
maliciously spread about me across the electronic universe we know as
e-mail. OKay, now the serious stuff:

1) I am was the one talking about Speedskaters not using chairs. I had read
about it and will try to find teh article again but it was quite some time
ago. To any sensitive speedskaters out there I don't mean to group you all
together as I'm sure many of you have excellent taste in chairs and
routinely use them.

2) I was misquoted about the bikes, actual quote is more like "....the Felt
looks really hot and is like bike arm candy but the Serotta is sexy and
classic like bike marriage material."

3) I do think John was "excited" looking at new bikes and talking about his
Giant which he said .." I wouldn't trade my bike for any other bike in the
world." I must say I was enthralled with all the gorgeous bikes in front of
me as well, however I wasn't wearing my carbon fiber drawers like John so I
may not have experienced the same level of ride quality or responsiveness
that John did while bike shopping.

4) The food spread was great and I too would also like to thank Rachel for
the BBQ chicken as it was darn tasty.

Okay, that's all from me. I'm looking forward to the next swim as I think
with a couple weeks of training and listening to the Rocky training montage
repeatedly I can dethrown the repeat champion Travis Earley.


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