May 19, 2006

El Cinco de Hamemrfest Hype-up

El Cinco de Hammerfest email sent on 5/11/06:

Hello Hammerfriends,

This hammerlicious email is being sent out to a few new people so feel free to introduce yourselves. Come on, don't be shy. Anyway, with all things hammer, this might be a little lengthy, so I'll apologize in advance. Hammerfest FIVE (yeah that's right we've been rocking for almost a HALF year by now…) is less than a week away. The new day for el cinco de Hammerfest is on 5/17/06 at 8pm at the Otto Schultz building on Nazareth College's campus.

Sorry it is kind of late in the evening, but I think we can kick off the awards by 10pm if we hustle and don't sit in the sauna too long afterwards.

I know this is a little strange having it at night this time around, but one of our dear friends and loyal Hammerfest swimmers (he has attended all four so far, and I think even Hammerfest 3.5, though I can't remember exactly…) is going to be moving across country next Friday May 19th.

It is with a tear in my eye that I have to say Phil VanPeursem is headed to Oregon to pursue a dream job of jumping out of planes and becoming a para-jumper. He will be heading to Oregon on the 19th, so I figured it would be best to have one last swim with him and send him off right. (it was a false alarm after Hammerfest 3, when we had the quasi-going away party and he didn't leave…)

So, Hammerfest five (I still can't believe we've lasted until 5, wow…) will be held during the open swim Wednesday evening at 8pm at Nazareth. We will not be heading back to my place for awards afterward, I will bring all the pertinent awards to the basement of Naz and we will do a small impromptu awards ceremony (with all of the usual awards, door prizes and craziness)

People can bring whatever snacks they want, we will have approximately a 20 minute award ceremony following the swims. Email me with what you want to bring to snack on (historically, we have had juices, crackers, cheese, pretzels, chips, candy, fruits and all the like… we can't have any adult beverages as Nazareth is a dry campus, but I think we'll all survive.) so email me with what you can bring and I will send out a synopsis email to make sure we have enough of everything.

Awards are looking pretty sweet this time around. We have always done a case of your favorite adult beverage to the winner, but since we have to do the awards in the basement of Naz, it looks like we might have to bypass it this time around….The coveted tinfoil and wire coat hanger trophy will be passed on to the swimmer that likes to spend the most time in the water (I think Heather has it?...if you could bring it, or give it to someone who is coming if you can't attend that'd be great) The door prizes this month are pretty freaking sweet (said in the best Napoleon Dynamite voice you can muster up…) We are sponsored in part by Aquaphor and this month (thank you to another sponsor) and Fuel Belt and Gatorade as well, so get there and there will be prizes for "walking thru doors" - that's for you Sys… :)

So, I still haven't mentioned anything about the race! This is a 66 lap "mile swim" race consisting of 1,650 meters in Nazareth's pool. We will have one wave count for the other wave (if you don't know its really easy to count, we'll show you) and times will be kept on the chalkboard only to be transferred to the Top Ten list if they are worthy. We had a decent upset of the list last month and this month is gearing up to be no different. The fact that positions 6-10 on the list are only 10 seconds apart total, should speak for JUST how competitive the list has gotten. I think 3 minutes separates #1 from #10 on the list. Good fast times. Just what I like to see.

Anyway, if you are up for this first ever evening Hammerfest, email me back and say if you can attend and I will "register" you right away. Also if you are planning on attending, email me with what you would like to bring to the awards and I will let you know if it is good. So in closing, the date is set (sorry it is so close, but you can blame PJ for having to leave… :)) Hammerfest five is 5/17/06 at 8pm at the Otto Schultz building on Nazareth's campus. Cost as always is $2 for your "entry fee" (this is actually the cost to attend an open swim if you are a member of the general public) and the first race will go off at promptly 8:15. Get pumped, stretch out those shoulders and reply back if you can attend and we will see you there for our first ever evening Hammerfest. Have a hammer-tastical day.


PS- I know el cinco de Hammerfest is taking place during a new episode of LOST, but if that deters you, I understand. Find someone with a DVR or TIVO and get your spandex covered ass to el cinco de Hammerfest. See you there hombre.

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