May 19, 2006

Registered swimmers for el cinco de Hammerfest

Originally sent on 5/15/06...

This email is going to be "shorter" than the usual Hammerfest emails…things are busy at the office (too many TPS reports, and the fax machine keeps on telling me "PC LOAD LETTER"...) El Cinco de Hammerfest is 2 days away (Wednesday night at 8pm) and this is the list of people that are "registered" to swim that evening; Myself, Phil VP, Kelly Boerchlein, John Hunter, Heather McLendon, Tim Hettler, and Sam Powley.

Maybe's currently are; Ron Herredid, Greg "squatter" Buzulencia, Brian Matthews Darren Vogt, Alexis Spillman, and Tim Howland. Those who unfortunately cannot make it are; Ryan O'Dell, Erin Varley, Travis Money, Chad Powley and Sys Hasslund. They will be missed….

Anyway, if you are not on the current registered swimmers list or are on the maybe section and want to be switched to a registered swimmer, please email me and let me know if you are going to be in attendance or not, and let me know what kind of snacks you want to bring afterwards to the awards ceremony.

And if you are on the "registered swimmers" list, email me and let me know what culinary delights you are going to be bringing with you for us to munch on at Nazareth.

Hope to hear from you all before Wednesday night and let me know if you are going to be in attendance and what you are willing to bring. Cheers.


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