May 19, 2006

Winner of the Hammerfest Slogan contest

Originally sent on 3/9/06:

Alright, you can stop holding your breath now, the votes are in and we have a winner for the Hammerfest 2006 indoor mile swim slogan. I know some of you have been pretty anxious about this, but you can relax now. Have a beer, chill out, put your feet up, it's over…

But before I get to the winner (groan…) I just wanted to let you all know my thoughts on the item that this slogan will be going on. Greg kind of stole the wind from my sails on this one in a previous email, but originally it was Rachel's idea to throw the winning slogan on stickers. I'm put in an order today for 50 stickers that will be given away as door prizes, or will just be in your race "goody bags" for the next few upcoming Hammerfest's. (Yes we may have goody bags!) I was originally toying with the idea of putting the slogan on swim caps, but I checked pricing online and the price per cap would have come out to more money than a night with Bryan's mom. Maybe we'll try to do that sometime in the future if there is a demand for it. (order swim caps, not spend a night with Bryan's mom…)

The design for the sticker can be checked out by clicking on the link below:

It's not going to say "Orland hills park district" on it, but it would be kind of funny if I made a mistake and ordered 50 of those! Ha-ha. The color for the text is "yellow", the font is "paintbrush", the clipart color is "default" and the background color is "royal blue". I put in the order today during lunch and they SHOULD be here for the next Hammerfest mile swim on Sunday March 19th, 2006. They said shipping would be 2-10 days, and it's only coming from Illinois.

So, the news you all have been waiting for. The winner is….

Well, lets do this like America's Funniest Home Video's. They always tell the second place winner first. I'll just tell you the runner up's. The second place winner overall was #21. "Hammerfest 2006: Life in the fast lane" sent in by Mr. Tim Howland of Rochester, NY. There was actually a three way tie for 3rd place between #49 "Just add water: Hammerfest mile swims", #12 "Hammerfest 2006: Yeah, we're cooler than you", and #24 "I heart flip turns - Hammerfest 2006" The winner was decided by a margin of less than 7 points, so it was a tight race. All of the suggestions were hysterical and I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed. I hope no one got pissed about the amount of emails (as I know there were a TON) and I know of at least one mailbox that kept spitting emails back to me saying it was full (I feel like the Hammerfest emails MIGHT have had something to do with that…sorry Evan)

But I will keep you in suspense no longer. The winner of the slogan contest was #15 "Hammerfest 2006: "yeah, it's kind of a big deal". So that's it. The order is in and should be delivered before next Sunday. Just as an update as we have new people on the list, I will send out an email with the finer details of the swim and awards ceremony sometime next week. But the date is SUNDAY March 19th, 2006 so mark your calendars. Warm up begins promptly at 1pm, or whenever the girl lets us into the pool, so be there on time or else you'll have to beat up an water aerobics old lady to get a lane.

Hope you all enjoy these emails, I know they are lengthy, but I enjoy writing them and I hope you all enjoy reading them. See you in the water and I'll catch you on the next wave. Cheers.


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