May 19, 2006

Email to decide on a good slogan

Originally sent on 3/2/06:

Here it is, the moment that you all have been waiting for. I've included a list of all the slogans that have come in from everyone and we need to vote on them to see which one's people think are good/funny/hilarious/or down right stupid. There is a .txt file (notepad on Windows systems) attached to this email with 60 slogans which are numbered. If everyone could write me your top 5 slogans, I'll keep a list and tally up the score to see who the winner is. Please make your top five from your most favorite to your least-most favorite in ascending order. That way we can get an overall winner. I'll tally it as the #1 choice will get 5 points, #2 choice will get 4 points, #3 gets 3 points and so on, so the most points slogan wins!

The slogans are going to be put on an item (I have to still keep it a mystery as there are a few options I am considering) to be raffled away over the next few races/meets. Or they will be given away as prizes, who knows. The only thing I know is that they won't be put on t-shirts as we all have WAY too many race shirts from tri's, du's, road races, adventure races, etc. I'll leave you all in suspense about what items the slogan could go on :)

Also, there are many new names on this list. I've added a few friends and friends of friends and friends friends, so please don't take offense to anything written. It's all in good fun and if you want off this list, just lemme know. I have you all on here because you have at one time showed an interest in swimming 66 laps in a pool in the off-season, or you just like to drink after a workout. Either way, you're on the list, cause you are as wacky as the rest of us and like the pain that endurance events cause. Comments back and forth are all in good fun and don't take offense (or else we'll throw kickboards at you and call you a weenie at the next swim) and have fun. Remember, it's WAY funnier if you "reply to all" so that everyone gets in on the laughs (if they get the inside jokes or not…)

So in closing, cast your votes to me by 3/7/06 and I will tally them all up and I will announce the winners on Wednesday, 3/8 for the slogan contest. If you have any questions or concerns about opening the .txt document, let me know and I can email you the slogans in the body of the email if it is easier. I just didn't want to jam up everyone's inbox. Cheers.

~Travis Earley

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