May 19, 2006

Last minute H2 email sent on Valentine's Day

First off, Happy VD. (that’s right, I started this email with an off color sex joke... If you don't get it, go ask your parents) Anyway, here is the rundown. We are all set for this Saturday at 1pm at the pool on Nazareth's campus (located in the Otto Schultz building) to do the Hammerfest part deux. We are doing this at the open swim at Naz and to get into the open swim, it will cost $2. So if you plan on swimming and having a great time, bring your $2 "entry fee"

Just so no one is confused, this is a 1,650 yard race (a mile) consisting of 66 lengths of the pool. We will have people counting for you and you will have to count for someone when you are not swimming (its really easy, if you don't know how to count, someone will show you…)

Since this is at the open swim at Naz, get there right at 1pm so we can let everyone know we are going to be racing. That way we can kick all the old lady aqua joggers out of our lanes and get down to business. The first wave will go off at 1:30pm (or sometime around there…) to allow people enough time to warm up and the next wave(s) will go off after the first finishes and has enough time to catch their breath and go grab a number counter.

We are going to have a variety of awards this time around but the big prize is that the winner gets a case of his/her favorite adult beverage purchased by the losers of the race. (Don't worry Cassidy, since you aren't 21, we'll get you sparkling grape juice!) Haha, just kidding, there will be other awards such as the "best of times/worst of times" theme that we started last month and we even have door prizes this time!!! Wahoo! Yes, I typed that correctly, door prizeSSS. That means more than one. So most of the people who swim will come away with something after the race. While I can't reveal what the door prizes are until the day of, I can tell you that we have some nice Fuel Belt product to give away and some other really cool prizes. We will have a raffle at the awards ceremony at my apartment following the swim.

So far signed up, we have 8 people and the potential for many more. Signed up as a YES are: me, Phil VanPeursem, Kelly Boerschlein, Erin Varley, Sam Powley, John Hunter, Rachel Ciesluk, Heather McLendon. The MAYBE's currently are: Tim Howland, Travis Money, Greg Buzulencia and Cassidy Kyler. I still haven't heard from other people on the list, so if you are in, drop me a quick note.

So there it is, if you aren't on the list, drop me a note and let me know you are up for the challenge. If you show up and don't email me, that means we all get to wail on you with a kickboard for an undetermined amount of time. Happy swimming and remember this is just for fun (and bragging rights) so we all get better together in the off season. Oh yeah, and the all time record for the leader board is my time from last month: 25:28. Although, I have a feeling that might fall this Saturday.

~The defending champ,

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