May 19, 2006

Hammerfest 2 hype-up

sent originally on 2/8/06

Ok folks, this thing has grown just waaaaay out of proportion and things are looking up for the second monthly hammerfest mile swim. We have media coverage, like 50 participants this time around and have fabulous prizes for EVERYONE without having entry fees!!!

Just kidding….I wish it grew to be that big. Anyway, we have a pretty decent sized list of people who have said yes for the torture this time around of swimming 66 laps in the Nazareth pool. So far the list of competitors includes; me, Kelly Boerschlein, Erin Varley (she has made it explicitly clear that she knows this is Saturday and not Sunday this time around) Samatha Powley, Phil VanPeursem, John Hunter and Greg Buzulencia. Darren and Alexis are going to be out of the country the weekend of the swim and they have already let me know they can't make it. I know there are more that might have told me that they want to come and compete, but I forget a lot of things, so just shoot me a quick little email that says "I'm in" if you are down.

The format stays the same, its going to be an indoor mile swim at the Otto Schulz building on Nazareth College's campus. It is going to be run during the open swim at their pool (no one is there anyway) and the cost to swim the open swim is $2/person. So I guess technically the entry fee is $2 for this event. (Last time I didn't have any cash on me and paid in quarters…I'm sure the girl at the desk loved it) We are going to have 2-3 waves, depending on the number of swimmers and either a fast/slow heat or do the old standby of men vs. women. It'll be a game time decision of the wave format. Either way, the wave that isn't swimming is going to be counting for the wave that is in the water.

The winner gets a case of their favorite adult beverage purchased for him or her by the losers and the Guinness that I got last time was mighty tasty! (thanks Greg, on behalf of everyone) I think I may even have a few bottles left in my fridge as I type this. Anyway we had awards for the best of times and the worst of times and fun awards in addition, (Tim - if you still have the trophy made of wire and aluminum foil, bring that as I would love to pass that on at each race.)
There is a new addition this month as well. We are going to have a door prize raffle at the awards ceremony for one lucky winner of some Fuel Belt product! Wahoo! The awards ceremony is going to be at my place, or if everyone wants to do it at a local bar (but unfortunately we would have to pay for drinks if we did it at a bar) maybe the Otter Lodge, or the Old Toad, or Prepps, etc. But if we do it at my place, everyone just BYOD (bring your own drinks) or if you are the lucky winner, you get your booze provided for you…

So here is the rundown; we have 7 competitors so far, if you aren't on the list, email me and let me know you want to compete. The race is at 1pm on Saturday February 18th at the pool at Naz, cost is $2 to do the swim, we have a raffle afterwards for Fuel Belt product, and if there is an overwhelming desire to do the awards at a bar, just let me know in a quick note.
That's all you need to know for now, but there are 10 days left before the second monthly Hammerfest mile swim. I'll shoot another email out as the date draws near. Cheers everyone and hope to see you then.

~Travis (the defending champion)

PS- Since we are going to be doing these every month until the weather gets better, I was thinking we could have an overall top five best times list that we could update after each swim. Kinda like a leader board and course record board all rolled in one. I know my time from the last swim, and if you know yours, let me know so I can make the board. Lemme know your thoughts.

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