May 19, 2006

Hammerfest IV-y Hype up

originally sent on 4/18/06:

I thought it would be good to clog up all of your inboxes with another installment of a Hammerfest email. I hope this message finds everyone doing well and having a good April. Congrats to all those who ran Boston this past weekend and additionally congrats to all those who did the Muddy Sneaker. It looked like there were fast times everywhere (with the exception of Brian Matthews, who apparently decided it would be better to get killed by his sister time wise, and NOT re-qualify while at Boston. Anyone who doesn't know, ask him what and how much he consumed during the race to keep him "fueled"…) But yes, nice job to everyone.

Moving on though, we can't all dwell in the past. Coming up VERY soon is the best indoor swim race in Monroe County in the month of April. That's right this is the fourth edition of the Hammerfest indoor mile swims!!!! Who-hoo! This is shaping up to be a great swim as well as there is quite the "buzz" on the streets about this one folks. We are going to have only the best amenities once again at the post race fiesta and the competition seems to be fierce this month again with tons of people already "registered".

If you don't know by now, I'm going to recap this once again for you. Hammerfest 4 is going to be held at 3pm on SATURDAY (Erin…) April 29th at the Otto shultz building on Nazareth's campus. This is going to be a one "mile" race (I use that term loosely Mr. Howland…) consisting of 66 laps in a SCM (short course meters) pool. There are going to be 2 heats (or however many heats we need) but the deal is that you swim and then get out and count for the people that counted for you. (you scratch my back, I rub your butt, kind of deal. You know, everyone benefits from working together - it's all good) If you don't know how to count, it's pretty easy we'll show you how to bob a plastic number pad up and down in the water to signify how many laps have gone by for the swimmers. It's easy no sweat.

The entry fee is $2, or free if you have a Nazareth student ID or just sneak in. So bring your $2 and you'll be able to swim. By the way, if you REALLY want to piss of the people working there, pay ALL in quarters, they LOVE that :) Additionally after the swim, we have found that there is a SAUNA adjoining the mens and womens locker rooms. THIS IS SOMETHING NEW, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. All it takes is a Nazareth student ID to get into the sauna and if John flirts with the girl running the open swim, she most likely will offer us her ID so we can hang out and bask in the sauna again. This would be fun to hang out in after a good swim. Maybe for 10-15 minutes, just saying. It's there if we choose.

But after everyone is done baking in the sauna and having naked towel fights, you are all invited to come back to my place for the awards ceremony where we will announce the winners and have the "best of time/worst of times" 40 ouncer to give away in addition to the prized tin foil and wire coat hanger trophy for the swimmer who spends the most time in the water. (Heather if you could bring that, or give it to someone so it makes it to Hammerfest 4, that'd be great, thanks!)

There will be door prizes again (if anyone has anything fun to donate to the door prize fund, email me and let me know, we are running a little dry on stuff to give away…) There are also stickers to each competitor (we have PLENTY to give away, let me know if you want another one…) and there may be race goody bags as well. (Phil and Greg, I have to chat with you both about this…) There is always good food, great drinks (a case of your favorite adult beverage goes to the winner) and sexy people at the awards ceremony so come and join us for some fun the last Saturday in April. The only race that day is the Run for Health 5k at Genesee Valley Park at 10am, but that is only a 5k and gives everyone enough time to get ready for the swim at 3pm.
So, get amped, get in the pool, and get ready to grow some "juevos grandes" and swim a mile on April 29th, 2006 for the fourth edition of the Hammerfest Mile swims. Cause hey, it's kind of a big deal, I'm told. Cheers.


PS - We will update the current top ten leader board after this race, I'm sure it will be shaken up a bit.

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