May 19, 2006

Hammerfest potential quotes

1. "Hammerfest: the best of times, the worst of times"
2. “Hammerfest 2006: Livin’ Life 66 Laps at a time”
3. “Hammerfest 2006: Sweat while you’re wet”
4. “Hammerfest 2006: Michael Phelps ain’t got shit on us”
5. “Hammerfest 2006: Because I said so, That’s Why!”
6. “Hammerfest 2006: Because peeing on your bike isn’t as cool”
7. “Hammerfest 2006: Because drowning sucks”
8. “Hammerfest 2006: Because losing to Mike sucks”
9. “Hammerfest 2006: Swimsuit Edition”
10.“Hammerfest 2006: ‘Cutters’ of the pool”
11.“Hammerfest 2006: Not quite the IceCapades”
12.“Hammerfest 2006: Yeah, we’re cooler than you”
13."Hammerfest 2006: Sink or Swim"
14."Hammerfest 2006: This ain't no findin Nemo"
15."Hammerfest 2006: "Yeah, it's kind of a big deal."
16.“Proud parent of a Hammerfest 2006 swimmer”
17.“My Hammerfest swimmer can kick your Honor students ass”
18.“Speedo: The other white meat”
19.“I swam 66 laps at the Hammerfest swim and I all I got was this lousy shirt”
20.“Hammerfest 2006: It’s better when it’s wet”
21."Hammerfest 2006: Life in the fast lane"
22."WWMD: What Would Moreland Do?"
23."Hammerfest, it's long, hard and wet" - on a pair of underwear
24."I heart flip turns"- Hammerfest 2006
25."Hammerfest mile swims, Warning: swim at your own risk"
26."Hammerfest, because swimming isn't as easy as Brian's mom (or sister)"
27."There's something about spandex - Hammerfest 2006"
28."Hammerfest swimmers - slippery when wet"
29."Is that a banana in your hammock? - Hammerfest 2006"
30."Hammerfest mile swims, pounding the laps in the offseason"
31."Hammerfest 2006, because you won't get better while on the couch"
32."Hammerfest swims, a reason to get off the couch since 2006"
33."Hammerfest mile swims: friggin sweet"
34."Nothing like smuggling grapes in a cold pool" -Hammerfest 2006
35."Hammerfest mile swims - keeping you in shape since 2006"
36."I eat carbs - hammerfest mile swims"
37."Hammerfest 2006 - confusing meter's and yards since February"
38."Hammerfest 2006 - work hard, play hard"
39."Hammerfest swims, because a masters program is too damn expensive!"
40."I just swim for the door prizes" - Hammerfest mile swims
41."I swim for beer" - Hammerfest 2006
42."I heart guinness" - Hammerfest mile swims
43."Hammerfest, because the winner gets a case of their favorite adult beverage"
44."Hammerfest 2006, because I had nothing better to do"
45."Hammerfest mile swims - because we're a little crazier than everyone else"
46."Hammerfest 2006, because we're a little different"
47."You swam how far? - Hammerfest 2006"
48."Hammerfest 2006 - because no one likes to be last out of the water"
49."Just add water: Hammerfest mile swims"
50."HFS - 2006"
51."got Hammerfest?"
52."Hammerfest mile swims - giggity, giggity, giggity"
53."Hammerfest 2006: where going "ass over teakettle" is a good thing"
54."Hammerfest 2006: as close to 69 as you can get with strangers"
55."Hammerfest 2006: because technique matters"
56."Hammerfest 2006: where else does $2 get you half dressed co-eds?"
57."Hammerfest 2006: going nowhere fast"
58."Hammerfest 2006: no carbonfiber required"
59."Hammerfest 2006: Debut of the Carbon Fiber Racing Suit"
60."Because some people think swim caps are sexy, Hammerfest swims"

***Note: These were HYSTERICAL, adn if you don't get them, that means you are not cool enough. They clogged up everyone's email and we got some messages kicked back stating that some inboxes were full....sorry guys!***

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