May 19, 2006

RECAP of Hammerfest ONE

originally sent on 1/23/06:

This is a message going out to just recap the events of this past weekend. On Saturday January 21st, 2006 athletes from all over Monroe county convened at the Otto Schultz building on Nazareth college's campus to participate in the inaugural hammerfest mile swim.

A good time was had by all and we had a record number of 8 swimmers for this event. It was me, Greg B, Phil VP, John Hunter, Darren Vogt, Alexis, Tim Howland, and Heather McLendon. There were also 3 counters who, this event would not have gone smoothly without. I just have to give them recognition, Rachel Ciesluk, Kelly Boerschlesteinelopolous, and Sam Powley. A big thank you to them is in order as some of them haven't counted at all, or in many years and it went off without a hitch. Thank you so much guys! Unfortunately enough, there were no HOT naked cheerleaders this time…. I'll have to book them earlier next time.

Well as mentioned before the winner got a case of his/her favorite adult beverage and since the national level collegiate swimmer spaced on the date, (very unlike you Erin…) I ended up taking the event swimming a blazingly fast (not really…) 25:28. Second place overall was John Hunter behind by a little more than a minute. Rounding out the podium was Phil VanPeursem coming in third. There was much Guinness at the awards. :)

The awards ceremony was held shortly afterwards and everyone enjoyed the spoils of a good workout/race and there were even a few impromptu awards (the best of times/the worst of times) and fun times had by all. The cake monster even made an appearance and wolfed down a monstrous 3/8 ths of the cake he brought! (his name will remain anonymous to protect the innocent, but anyone who was there knows who he is…)

There was talk about making this a bi-monthly event in the off season and that is being considered. (Although Tim might have to pass on the prized tin foil and wire coat hanger custom trophy he got at the awards ceremony.) If there is a next time (and I don't see why not) I am going to try to incorporate more awards and other amenities to get more people to come. Maybe we'll even have a door prize for one or two lucky winners? We'll see.

Let me know if you would be interested in this again in a month or two and I'm sure I will see you all soon. Take care, enjoy the off-season and train hard. Cheers.


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