May 19, 2006

Hammerfest IV-y hype up #1

originally sent on 4/4/06:

Spring seems to be in the air (although not really this week) and people are biking outside and you all can pat yourselves on the back for getting out there and doing some good old training and racing over the wintertime. Good job, you'll be more ready than those other folks that munched down on cheesy puffs and zoned out watching MTV.

Well with the arrival of April, I only thought it good to send out another email letting everyone know about Hammerfest IV. Most of you know the format and I don't think we have any newbie's on the list and if we do and you don't understand what this is, email me and I will fill you in on the finer details.

This month we are going to try and get back to Nazareth and actually swim there this time. (sorry for the mix-up last time everyone…) The date of this race is SATURDAY April 29th, 2006. There appears to be no real HUGE races that weekend and that allows people to go to Boston to run or watch and allows people to do the bike race in Perinton or camp in the snow in the daks (both on different weekends in April, they will not interfere)

The open swim at Nazareth is from 1pm-4pm on Saturday and just if anyone doesn't believe me, they can check this link ( I'm going to verify this AGAIN with the crazy lady at the pool to make sure it's open when we want to swim. Shouldn't be a problem...

So, save the date. April 29th, 2006 for Hammerfest ivy. It will be $2 as usual and it begins promptly at 1pm, so be there. Email me to "register" and I will mark you down as attending or not. Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the nice weather and getting some good quality miles in. The fourth installment of Hammerfest is boasting better food, better drinks, better times, better door prizes and better looking swimmers. So be sure to be there to fine tune your swimming skills to make sure you don't drown in the first sprint triathlon of the season. Email me to register. Also as I promised weeks ago, here is the top ten lists for both pools, meters and yards. We'll keep it separate as I hear there is a lot of difference 52.5 seconds makes...

Webster (yards)
1. 21:03 - Travis Earley (March)
2. 23:38 - John Hunter (March)
3. 24:30 - Erin Varley (March)
4. 24:37 - Chad Powley (March)
5. 25:27 - Phil VanPeursem (March)
6. 27:04 - Sam Powley (March)
7. 28:30 - Kelly Boerschlein (March)
8. 29:05 - Alexis Spillman (March)
9. 30:05 - Ryan O'Dell (March)
10. 32:30 - Tim Howland (March)

Nazareth (meters)
1. 24:58 - Travis Earley (February)
2. 25:28 - Travis Earley (January)
3. 25:29 - John Hunter (February)
4. 26:29 - Erin Varley (February)
5. 26:38 - John Hunter (January)
6. 26:50 - Phil VanPeursem (February)
7. 27:20 - Phil VanPeursem (January)
8. 29:53 - Sam Powley (February)
9. 31:46 - Kelly Boerschlein (February)
10. 34:56 - Tim Howland (February)**
**Still don't know Darren and Alexis's times from January, but I think they may have been top ten as well…

April's Hammerfest is sure to mix up the leader board for the top ten overall times. Good luck training and email me to register if you want to get in on the fun. Take care and train hard.


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