March 29, 2012

Life...oh and block 3

It's been another long while since I've posted last, but things are good.  The reason there is a photo of Ferris Bueller and the gang above is that this past few weeks/months can best be described by one of my most favorite quotes from this 80's cinematic gem:

"Life moves pretty fast, if you don't look around once in a while, you might miss it" - Ferris

Things have been on overdrive here in the land of Keep Moving Forward.  There are some big changes on the horizon in life and that's allowed the multisport to take a back seat for a minute.  now that's not saying that I'm slacking on training or anything like that, just some other large items take a priority in the grand scheme of things.  Kim and I had moved in together and co-existed for a few weeks now and it's going really well.  Nothings changed and that's the way it should be I think.  We've got this big-ish day planned for 5/26 and that will be a blast along with an awesome trip to Costa Rica immediately following (you might be able to call it a honeymoon...oh and did I mention, it's all inclusive and paid for by her company?...totally awesome!)

But in all honesty, with all of the chaos and change, I've looked forward to my workouts and getting in the miles.  For this block of training I was up over that 20 hour a week barrier and biking a RIDICULOUS amount while also hitting the gym to increase leg strength.  And let me tell you, it's paying off.  Might not see it right away, but boy do I feel stronger on the bike lately. It helps that I've been trying to take FULL advantage of rest weeks and last week was a whopping 3 hours and 50 minutes of TOTAL workout time....for the week.  Rest hard my friends. 
There are a lot fo changes to announce this season and I'm still gunning for a sub 10 time at Rev3 Cedar Point full iron distance race in Sandusky, Ohio.  But with that being said, I took a good long look at some of the other races and things on my calendar this year and have thinned out the race schedule a bit.  I think I've written before about the proverbial "stress budget" (an idea from a solid tri coach, Jesse Kropelnicki) before, but I think the "stress budget" is going to overflow if I start racing a bunch in the middle of all of the chaos of the next few months...

But, those announcements will be coming shortly.  My companies office is actually moving locations tomorrow and being the IT manager in Rochester, I've had a little bit of stress on the job keeping everything in line and staying organized amongst the move.  But a good rule of thumb is the title and namesake of the blog.  
A good friend and fierce competitor, Nick Brodnicki, just actually posted some "good advice" up on twitter, which was what appeared to be a mantra of sorts of "Keep Moving Forward".  Good advice all around.  I was looking to get the Kona M-dot filled in on the ankle tattoo I have and was checking out the "Living Color" facebook page for the tattoo shop in Rochester where I usually go and was checking out some of the photos of the ink there and came across this one.  Looks like I have some dedicated blog followers in the area! hah.
 I'll post more about the "updates" and all in a few weeks/days, but until then, keep rolling, enjoy this crazy ride and train hard my friends.  See you all soon, cheers.