May 22, 2006


Well, there has been some concern and confusion about how to post comments on this site. I'd like to clear up a few misconceptions. First off, you do not need to set up an account and all that jazz, JUST to post a comment. (I mean you can if you want, I'm not going to stop you, but there IS an easier way...

1. Locate under each post there is a little thing on the "signature tag"( for lack of better terms...) that reads, "posted by Travis at X:XX pm" and then right after that it says, "X Comments"
2. That little thing that says "x comments" is a small link, click on it.
3. A pop up window will come up and have a section where you can read everyone else's comments and leave your own comment.
4. Write whatever you would like in the "leave your comment" section and treat this as a "reply to all" like in the emails that everyone was getting. (I KNOW T$ loved those replies...)
5. When you are done posting whatever snide, witty, and off color comment you have, right below it says, "choose an identity"
6. If you click the button that says "other", it expands and you can enter your name below that. You DO NOT have to enter a web page, you can if you like, but it is not necessary to post a comment.
7. As soon as you have completed everything and checked it over, feel free to hit "publish your comment" and the whole world can see it (or just everyone else who knows the name of the blog...)

So enjoy everyone, I know we have had some suprisingly funny and witty responses to the emails sent out and I don't want to stop the replies. Just MOVE them to an area where it will not clog up everyone's inboxes. So have fun and hope you visit back soon. Cheers.

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Tim said...

Who else thinks Travis has an inordinate amount of time on his hands? That being said, thanks for the site Travis.