June 1, 2006

Hammerfst photos submitted by Phil and Kelly

Hammerfest has now become a NATIONAL phenomenon

Thanks to Kelly Boerschlein and Phil VanPeursem who recently went on a cross country trip en route to Portland Oregon to drop off Phil at para jumper school for the air force. (we will miss you buddy, keep us posted on how it is going)

Notice the slick blue sticker in the lower left hand corner...Yes, we have made it to Oregon!

I don't know who the cyclist is in this photo, but here is a strategically placed sticker along scenic route 1 in California.

Only you, and Hammerfest, can prevent forest fires. By the way, Phil seems to be getting pretty close to smokey the bear...

Apparently according to this sign, it is not a terrorist threat to bring a Hammerfest bumper sticker into the Hoover Darn.

I hear those cattle out west are BIG supporters of Hammerfest Mile Swims. They have even emailed me some of their results and I must say, they've posted some blazing times!

This one almost looks super imposed, but I assure you, I think it is real. Hammerfest on "the gateway to the west" - the St. Louis arch. Because after all, Hammerfest is just a gateway to bigger and better things

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