June 1, 2006

Epic Day #1 hype-up

EPIC DAY #1- June 3rd, 2006

Ok folks, I know this is not really Hammerfest related and you all have been waiting anxiously to hear about it and know the finer details about this endurance day, so wait no longer. Here it is:.

The first ever EPIC DAY will be held on Saturday June 3rd, 2006. The format will be a 4,200 yard swim (2.4 miles) / a 100 mile bike ride / a 2 hour run. This event will be held rain or shine so come prepared. (that means, no bitching if it rains and you didn't bring a jacket/shoe covers) Also, bring plenty of water and nutrition as it will be a long day. There will be breaks between the disciplines to allow those who participate to go home and get your stuff together for the next feat.

The 4,200 yard swim will start immediately at 8am at the Webster Aquatic Center. That means that I will begin swimming at 8am, I will not be just getting to the pool at 8am, I will push off from the wall at 8am sharp, so get there a little earlier to join me. Bring something to eat immediately after the swim if you plan on biking or running later with us all (its just smart to replace what you lost in the 20-30 minutes immediately following exercise) I will just be swimming 4,200 yards straight, but everyone who joins can do whatever they want. It will take me about an hour, but you can take as long as you like or modify the distance if needed.

The 100 mile cycle will leave from Fleet Feet (2210 Monroe Ave) at 10:30am. The course is yet to be determined, but I am toying with the idea of heading south and perhaps around Conesus Lake near Geneseo. (we'll figure it out though, don't worry) Bring enough food, gels, bars, etc to last you the 100 miles (probably will take 5-6 hours depending on pace. This is slated to be an easy ride, but we all know how the last easy ride went around Canandaguia) Bring enough water, $20 (always a good idea to have extra cash on you just in case), ID, a cell phone, spare tires/tubes and a pump/CO2 in case you get a flat. Just common sense if you are going to be going long.

The 2 hour run will leave at 6pm from Stewart Lodge at Mendon Ponds Park. (the location for the spring and autumn classic duathlon) I wanted to do it on trails as our legs are going to be pretty smoked at this point. I don't have a course picked out, we can just run for 2 hours and if someone brings a Garmin, we'll figure out the distance later. This will be a nice easy run at about 8-10minute pace (as I assume that will be all we will be able to handle after the swim and century ride) So please don't be a dick and come thinking you are going to rip off 5-6 minute miles and be a tough guy when you haven't swam or biked that day. (In other words - don't just come for the run and use it as a tempo run, we will beat you severely once we all recover)

So there it is, it will be a long day, so come prepared. Epic day is not a day to starve yourself of calories in order to try and drop weight. It is a day to test out your base endurance and race day nutrition plans and ideas. Come prepared to go slow, and go all day. If you all like, we can have a celebratory beer afterwards at my place, or at the park.

Leave a comment if you will be able to make it for all disciplines, just the swim, just the bike, or just the run, or a combination of all three. Please do not email me back saying you can come, the whole idea of this site was to eliminate emails. Please post a comment if you are planning on coming to let me know so we do not leave without you. Take care and let us have tailwinds that day...


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Travis said...

A while ago, these people told me they would be able to attend:

T$ - for a little of the bike/run
Tanascolli - the run
Sys - swim or run
Greg - unsure
John Hunter - whole thing
Brian Matthews- unsure
Heather McLendon - whole thing
Denise Moseman - tentative (?)

Ryan O'Dell already said he could not make it.

Let me know if this is still accurate.