June 1, 2006

The rest of the photos from Phil and Kell's XC trip

Apparently you can only put so many photos in one post, so here are the rest from the XC trip of Kelly and Phil:

This one just cracks me up, a Zion National Park Ranger supports Hammerfest. Wahoo!

From coast to coast, Hammerfest has a HUGE influence (see I told you all it was 'kind of a big deal'...) If only we could get a photo of a Hammerfest sticker on the red carpet!

Is it just me, or does Kelly look REALLY frigthened? (This is what those little kittens will turn into from the Outer Banks) This is from MGM casino in Las Vegas. (Vegas baby, Vegas!)

Nellis Air force base in Las Vegas, NV. Hammerfest takes off with the USAF Thunderbirds.

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