January 4, 2007

It's for the kids people, for the kids!

So, the 2007 season is almost upon us and a lot of you have probably started training/shedding off the unwanted pounds from the holidays like I have. I'm not doing much right now, but it's enough to jump start the year. I just did a 12 mile hilly run at Cobbs hill yesterday and have been logging a consistent 6-7 hours of working out a week. Nothing too strenous, but enough to get my lazy butt off the couch and doing something.

Speaking of doing something, I'm running a trail race 5k this Saturday which was supposed to be a snowshoe race, but the 50 degree F weather we have been having kinda nixed that one. So they turned it into a trail race, fun times. The next "race" I have on my schedule is an indoor triathlon on February 4th, 2007 at the Metro Center YMCA. This one is special to me because it helps out the "Invest in Youth" campaign for the YMCA and raises money to send underprivleged kids to camp for the summer.

I did this race last year and it is really a fun time. It's a typical indoor triathlon and you swim for 15 minutes in their pool, have a 5 minute T1, spin for 15 minutes, have a 5 minute T2, and then run for 15 minutes on their indoor track. They count and keep track of your distance that you have covered and allot points to each person based on the distance you went. The highest cumulative points wins. Last year I was ousted by less than 3 points... and my crotch KILLED me for about a week afterwards because I was on the spin bike hauling ass so fast. I think I tore part of my hamstring... The results said I went 8.3 miles in 15 minutes, which by my calculations is over 30mph. (I think the bike wasn't calibrated to real world distances...) This year I plan to place exactly one position better :)

But the reason that I am typing this post and letting so many people be aware of this is that I am looking to raise some money for the campaign this year and by default, get my $30 entry fee paid for... :) I'm looking to do my part and raise over $100. So, if you would like to donate to help the Invest in Youth Campaign, please send me an email at travisjearley at yahoo dot com, or you can even paypal your donation to me at that same address. It's for the kids everyone and I'm doing what I do best by swimming, biking, and running my little butt off for them. Do your part too. The money needs to be in by January 28th, 2007, so if you plan on getting a break on your taxes by donating, do it early. Thanks.

If anyone else is racing this weekend, good luck and stay warm. Thanks for reading.

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Laurie said...

Sounds like a good cause.

Have fun with the trail run this weekend!