December 13, 2006

Am I REALLY that impatient?

I know I can get a little antsy when waiting for things to materialize and finally come about. This applies in a number of things going on in my life right now. First, let me tell you about the reason that I was thinking about writing this post. Rankings.

Yes that's right, anyone who knows me, knows I am a numbers guy through and through. Take the numbers of races that I competed in this year and I was able to accurately predict how I would do in some, almost down to the minute. (case in point - Timberman 2006. Two weeks before the race, I said I think I can go a 4:40 - ended up going a 4:43 which was a 10 minute PR from 2005)

Anyway, the rankings.... they haven't come out yet for the Ford Ironman Florida race and it's been like 6 weeks since the race and I'm getting a little anxious about them. Not that they are going to be bad for me, but I'm anxious to see how I get ranked for them. Most races that I do are small local triathlons with 50-250 people in them and this was the first tri that I have done with 2000+ people in it. The small tri's get ranked on a base of 83, or 90 and the bigger the races are, the higher the potential rankings could be. They go up to 95 and 98. Ironman will be ranked on a 98 scale for sure (using the old ranking system logistics of course- now with these newfangled "pace-setters" it kind of throws a monkey wrench in the equation.)

So, my national ranking right now without IMFL in it is an 88.3964. Last year I was around an 82 or something, but this past winter, I busted my ass on the bike and actually LEARNED how to ride fast and bought a new cervelo P2C and was able to maintain a speed of over 20mph for any ride. (including IMFL) :) So with a little bit of work, I vastly improved my what, I am still not sure of. I think the top 5% of the age group nationally get the honor of being named an All-American and the top 10% get Honorable Mention. I think I am right at the cusp of being in the top ten percent in my age group in the nation, but I'm not sure. Last year HM honors stopped at 87 or 88 points when ranked nationally so I'm secretly hoping that IMFL catapults me into Honorable Mention status. It would be cool.

Regionally, I am ranked #1 in the 20-24 age group for the Northeast Region. I am a full 2 points above the second place dude. I'm hoping that bodes well for the national rankings. The thing is there are not as many LARGER races in this part of the country as there are in other parts. (like Memphis in May, Vineman, Wildflower, any races near Boulder, CO) I feel like if I was in another part of the country, I would have a more accurate depiction of how I was ranked.

So, I'm antsy to wait for the rankings. I'm also antsy for x-mas. I mean, who isn't antsy to get stuff they have secretly wanted all year long, but never had the scratch to afford? Come on!!! I'm like a little kid...seriously. If you leave presents around me long enough, I'll shake them and try to unwrap them when you aren't looking! :) Bad I know, but I get excited :)

I'm also antsy to go rock climbing again, but my fingers are getting a little torn up (you just don't get callouses on the fingertips from triathlon) and my arms and shoulders are massively sore....However, I kinda like bouldering, the technique is fun to learn and it's challenging enough for me, so I like it. So, being that it is 12 days left till Christmas, I'll leave you all till next time. Don't unwrap too many presents and I hope everyone gets what they've wanted. (for me, it's rankings....oooh and a nice pair of Zipp 808's....hahahha yeah right!) Cheers.

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