December 7, 2006

Off-season cross training?

So I figured that December would be a good time to put down the gallon of ice cream and get my lethargic ass off the couch and begin training a little for next triathlon season. It's been a month and three days since IRONMAN Florida and quite honestly, I haven't done much :)

I can say with a straight face that I haven't been into a pool/ocean/lake or rather touched water with the intent of swimming in it since the race. Not that I don't like swimming, I think I am one of the sole random triathletes that actually LIKES getting into the water and hammering the shit out of my arms and legs for a workout. Masochistic I know, but aren't we all? I have nothing against swimming and once the season draws nearer I will have no problem with geting back in the water. No big deal, I like the solace and the "me-time". But since Florida, I haven't been in the water, just had no desire to go to a pool and do laps. I might next week, we'll see. Maybe I'll start up organizing those Hammerfest Mile Swims again. Afterall, I hear they are kind of a big deal.

So, this week with the start of December I think it is about time to put down the beer bottles and being getting myself onto a schedule of doing at least SOMETHING every other day (if not at least 5 times a week). I ran several times but it has turned awfully COLD lately and the snow is finally starting to stick around again...and you all know how much I love snow

But on Monday this past week, two buddies of mine convinced me to cross train in an unusual manner. Not that it unusual for me to rock climb (I own my own harness, shoes, rope and chalk bag) but unusual for me to consider this a workout. As my last few years have had workouts of just running, swimming or biking. We climbed on Monday and let me tell you, my forearms are still in a WORLD of hurt... I haven't climbed in 2+ years and it was rough.

I'm not a graceful climber and I'm sure I could learn a lot of technique. I know I tend to "muscle" my way up the wall or boulder, and my lats, forearms, trapezius and tons of other little musles paid the price. We all got a membership to the Red Barn at the RIT campus. Seriously, it's a barn that they have turned into a climbing gym. It's awesome in there and right now even though I can only get up 2 and a half routes of the hundreds they have in there, I still have a blast. I'm sure it sill become easier.

It's kind of cool to be able to cover 140.6 miles in an ironman triathlon and that's do-able, but being able to climb up a 10 foot wall to the ceiling above crash pads using only the rocks with while tape to the side of them seems almost impossible. Amazing how something new kicks your ass, I love it. I just hope my arms and back can recover in time to do it again on Friday. I'm using it as a strength training exercise for Ironman.

But don't worry, I'll begin fully training 6 days a week come January in preparation for IRONMAN USA. But for the holidays, I suppose I can sneak in a few last Guiness and random beers and shots and enjoy my time at the rock gym. In January, I guess it will be time to shape up. Cheers

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Bolder said...

i've had to sign up for some early events to get my ass off of my couch and spoon out of the ice cream...

i know your pain!