January 7, 2007

My Christmas gift didn't come thru

So I had said in a previous post that the Christmas present that I wanted the most was that I wanted to finally get the USAT rankings for Ironman Florida. To my surprise, today was the first day that they appeared on the website.

Unfortunately, as I was hoping that the rankings would catapult me above the current 88.3963 average that I currently held, they did not. To my chagrin, I checked the rankings website today and my 10:31 at IMFL was only good enough for a 81.9543 thereby not being one of my two best races.

It's funny because this year, a 10:31 at Ironman Lake Placid was good enough for around a 93.XXXX which would have really thrown my average rankings up there. I've found it is extremely hard to get above a 90.000 in upstate NY without travelling around to some of the really LARGE championship races around the country (which in part tends to be a burden on the wallet). I'm just ranting, anyway, this is it, my official USAT ranking for 2006 will be a 88.3963.

Here's to hoping that it will be enough to crack into the USAT All-American Honorable Mention status! (Disclaimer: Rankings will be finalized in mid February 2007) Cheers.

1 comment:

Bolder said...

you are 24.

you are an Ironman.

you are an all-round fine guy.

that puts you in the top rankings in my books, well over 90.