January 7, 2007

First day back in water since IMFL

Just like the title says, it's been over 2 months since I have touched water with the intention of doing laps in it. Rachel and I went to the Webster Aquatic Center for a short little 2000 yard workout today and boy I can already tell, my arms are going to be super sore tomorrow.

This was the first workout back and I kind of just sloshed thru the water feeling VERY VERY slow but also feeling good to be getting back into racing shape. I recently sent out an email to the tri-buddies around here alerting everyone of the next installment of the Hammerfest mile swim races. (The next one is on January 27th at 2pm at Nazareth College.)

These Hammerfest races are something I created with the help of my friends and it was a reason to get everyone off of the couch in the wintertime and back practicing their most "favorite" discipline of triathlon. Its just a mile swim, but it seriously kicks the crap out of everyone that does it, mostly because they are held in the off-season. People have posted some serious times as well, check the bottom most part of the sidebar for last years best times.

Since the next Hammerfest is in 20 days, I better make like a guppy and get my arse in the water a few more times to kind of "tune up" before the Hammerfests begin again. Till then, I hope you all are enjoying the off-season, planning for 2007, or putting some serious base miles in for those early season races. Take care.

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