July 17, 2007

Race wheels have arrived!!!

Yep, those are them....but first, there's a back story

So I woke up yesterday feeling ok and I went to work as per normal. Half way thru the day (shortly after running some errands on lunch to get some more CarboPro and Salt pills and socks for the marathon) I came back to work and felt like someone had hit me with a truck...

I went home from work.

I'll repeat that...I went home from work. For those of you who know me, I don't generally enjoy taking medicine, or seeing doctors for that matter and I rarely get sick. So when I went home from work, the people knew something was wrong. I tried to sleep at home, but only managed to rest in bed and toss and turn for about 3 hours before needing to head an hour west to Buffalo to pick up these bad boys:

A very large shout out (HEY!) goes to Mr. James Costello for letting me ride on a prototype pair of Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 wheels. These are deep dished OLCV carbon wheels which are SUPER light and should help on the hills of Lake Placid.
I'm still feeling a little under the weather, but I think it has just been from running around all over creation to make sure that everything is set for IM#2 coming up in less than a week. The bike is primped and set and I found out last night (unfortuantely) that I have been riding an 11/23 cassette on the rear wheel since I bought the bike....
I thought it was a 12/25.
Oops. No wonder those hills of Placid seemed to break my legs. I will not break the cardinal rule of racing however, don't race on anything you have not trained on! So I'm sticking with the 11/23. But anyway. For those of you who wanted some bike Pr0n, here is a full shot of the beast as she will look up in Placid.

Here's to hoping that everyone is resting well and to hopinng that I can shake this little cold/flu/bug/whatever ASAP and be ready to roll come raceday. I'm leaving Thursday morning and will be back to Rochester around Monday evening. Take care everyone and I'll report after I get home. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

Bolder said...

good luck Travis.

may your preparation meet your opportunity on race day!

i'll be following you on ironmanlive.com and cheering for you!!

Matt said...

Good luck at Lake Placid - cool blog, I'll be checking in. You ran some of the same races I did.