July 9, 2007

It's been a while

Just like the title of the post says, it's been a while since I last blogged. I apologize that I haven't been able to hit you up with a good long post recently or update you with race reports from the last two. But things have been a little hectic with IMLP coming up in less than two weeks (HOLY CRAP! - It's LESS THAN 2 weeks away!!!) and all the prep that is needed for a race of that size and length

I am needing to get these done for the blog at least: (maybe this week?)

1. A Tri in the Buff race report - good race - missed the podium by less than 30 seconds to an old nemesis...details later

2. Utica Boilermaker 15k run race report - Training run that I had fun at, I'll throw up a race report soon

3. Blog including pictures of the new uniform that I have gotten from Handlebars Cycle Company. It's so nice to have someone have such blind faith that you will do well, amazing, thank you for everything! Including the support!

I am officially in the TAPER and it is great. I am down to 7-8 hours of training this week 9from a max of over 16 for several weeks) and I am starting to absorb everything I have done. (I'll update you all on this soon too) But it is nice and good to feel almost rested.

I can't type a lot now, but I have updated the race results section with links to the race results and there are some goofy "a Tri in the Buff" photos in the sidebar for you to enjoy. I'll add more stuff later and until then, train (and rest) hard. See you out on the roads. Cheers.


PS- if anyone asks - Carl Johnson is a LEGEND in the Rochester area. A freaking LEGEND ladies and gentleman. People should BE so honored to race alongside him. :) - And he's almost double my age (how'd you like them apples old man? - hah!)

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