July 13, 2007

Boilermaker 15k run race report

This was a good race, I was supposed to do this one at IM pace, but I kind of got carried away with pace of it all and being in the middle of 12,000 runners. Oops.

I went out with the intentions to try out the new Handlebars uniform (which worked great and felt uber comfortable by the way! Thanks Jim!) and see how that felt on a good long run in addition to getting in some ironman paced miles. (I'll post some pics of the new uni when they come in...haven't gotten around to it yet, but it is quite snazzy)

The race was good, I went thru the first mile and saw Mr. VP and he said 7minutes as I go thru. I went thru 5k in about 20:40 and was right on pace. I hit 10k in 41:00 or something and then started to feel good so I picked up the pace unknowingly.

Ran with some good friends and this was the 7th year I ran it. I actually met up with Matt Klausner at about mile 8 and he asked me, "what are you doing back here??!?!" in reference to the IM pace that I was keeping... we all had some Saranac pomegranate wheat afterwards while standing in line for the massage and it was good to be able to run comfortably and hit a 62:22 while I ran 3 miles to the race start and about 3 miles home making it a long run of the week. It was good, and a fun run.

But that's all I got. :) Rest hard folks. I'll post more interesting stuff later...I told you this blog was more for me, than it was for the readers as I just post to be able to remember the race when I need to think about it next year. Talk to you soon.

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Dying Water Buffalo said...

Hey Trav,

I got my IMLP volunteer assignment. I am going to be at mile 6 on the run, or the 3rd rest stop on the run... so say hi when you go by!

I'm going to make you a sign, too, so keep your eyes peeled for that :)