July 6, 2006

Hammerfest 007 who-plah

Just who is this sexy man? Read on...

Well, the triathlon season is WELL underway in upstate New York and for those who don't know, there is some SERIOUS racing going on. Times are blazingly fast and the competition is fierce! If you have no idea what I am talking about, get to a race and see for yourself.

Hey, I hear there is a SUPERB race on Friday evening ("...no one has races in the evening, this must be an AWESOME race!"...) in Canandaigua Lake. In fact, show up at 6pm and be ready to throw down your metaphorical gauntlet and zip up your wetsuit and plunge into Canandaigua Lake for the 7th edition of the Hammerfest swims... (let's take a moment of silence for our friend Lance Armstrong's retirement from le Tour this year...after having won his magic seven tours)

The word on the street is this one is going to be the BEST HAMMERFEST YET. That's no bull either. I got a voicemail from Gary Fallesen a while back (sports writer for the Democrat and Chronicle pictured above) saying that he wanted to do an article on the Hammerfest Swims!!! I guess he heard how much of a "big deal" they are and wanted to investigate what they were all about (right Mr. Howland??) I never returned his call, but I wish I would have... but maybe, maybe if there is an insane amount of people there on Friday July 14th at 6pm (like it is gearing up to be) he will call again for another article and we will get a second chance to show him what kind of "big deal" the Hammerfest swims are.

So, if you want to be part of the "big deal" of the Hammerfest swims, show up and race (for FREE!!!) on a measured mile open water swim in Kershaw Park after work on July 14th, 2006 at 6pm. Bring your wetsuit and be ready to paddle your booties off for Hammerfest 007.

Awards will immediately follow after everyone changes into street clothes across the street from Kershaw Park at the ice cream place. (so bring some cash for some post work out dessert) As something different, instead of the winner getting a case of his or her favorite adult beverage, the winner this month will receive their ice cream free of charge, to be purchased for them by the losers. So if you have, as they say, "juevos grandes" don't bring any cash at all and pray that you are faster than everyone so your ice cream is free :) But if you get beat, looks like you may go hungry...

The awards will feature DOOR PRIZES!!! (not prizes for walking thru door Sys...) That's right, since there was a lack of participation at the last Hammerfest, we waived the door prizes and this month we have almost DOUBLE the normal amount of booty!!! As an added bonus, if you place in the top ten, you get your name on the TOP TEN HAMMERFEST LEADERBOARD for Kershaw Park! So, get ready to rumble as the competition is fierce for that honor.

So, don't be a square, get to Kershaw Park in Canandaigua, NY on Friday evening July 14th 2006 at 6pm for the 7th edition of the Hammerfest Swims. It is FREE, it is a one mile open water swim course that is metered and measured. If you place in the top ten, you get special recognition on the leader board to the right and the winner gets free ice cream for the night across the street at the awards. If you want to get better and not end up like John Hunter, Alan Hatch, or Travis Money come to Kershaw Park to get faster and fitter. See you in neoprene at 6pm that night, special agents, for Hammerfest 007.

Post a comment to this post if you can make it, and pass it on to friends or anyone else who would want to join. Just click this to see how to post a comment to the site and let me know that you are coming so we can wait for you if needed. Be there or be rhombus (as Greg likes to say).... See you at 6pm on 7/14/06


Rachel C said...

I'm gonna get my swimmies and goggles so I can swim like a super champ on the 14th. See you there! R

Tim said...

I'm out man, company golf tournament. Try to hold back your disappointment, nobody wants to see a grown man cry.