July 11, 2006

Hammerfest 007 hype

Hey everyone,

Just thought you all would get a laugh out of the above mentioned photo. Mr. Phil VanPeursem sent it to me a long time ago and I thought it would be appropriate given the proximity to Hammerfest 007 on FRIDAY evening!

That's right, Friday at 6pm, swimmers will organize outside the big blue building at Kershaw Park for the seventh edition of the Hammerfest Swims. These swims are CRUCIAL to your sucess as a triathlete and you don't want this to happen to you... after all these swims were just originated so everyone could get faster together and improve their swim splits. The open water at Kershaw Park is a PERFECT place for you to test your open water skills. After all, I hear girls like guys with skills...and I'm pretty good with a bowstaff. Anyway, the course is VERY well marked and it is a straight (well pretty straight) one mile shot with a half mile down and a half mile back.

So, if you are fast enough and place in the top ten swimmers you can get the honor of being on the Top Ten list to the right! Wahoo! And based on the participation lately, if you just show up, you can probably get a spot on the list. You will be the envy of all your friends as your name will be listed on the site up until the NEXT Hammerfest swim, or until someone beats your time and knocks you off your throne of greatness.

Additionally to lure and entice you all in to some swim and participate in the COOLEST and fantastical race in Western New York, the winner will get their ice cream purchased for them by me at Scoops Ice Cream across the street at the awards ceremony. Speaking of awards, we have a CRAPLOAD of cool stuff to give away. This month we have a pair of TYR goggles, CD's, DVD's, and product from Hammer Nutrition and Aquaphor. Come on out, swim your heart out, enjoy the company of friends, get your workout in early and sit around having ice cream while I give away a bag of door prizes.

This Hammerfest swim is the first open water swim and based on the weather forecast this weekend, it looks to be perfect. The water is really warm enough even if you don't have a wetsuit, so come on down and get your lycra covered ass in the lake to swim a mile for the best OPEN water swim race in the Greater Rochester Area!!!

So in closing, come on down at 6pm on Friday evening, bring a watch to time yourself and participate in the seventh edition of the Hammerfest swims. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, that good looking guy/girl at the dry cleaners, anyone who you think would want to come down and swim a mile for fun. Just tell them to post a comment to this site to let me know if you are a "yay" or a "nay" attendance-wise. If you don't know how to post a comment, click this, and it will lead you to a page instructing you how. (By the way, feel free to poke around and check all the links on this page and the sidebar, I've tried to make them as amusing as possible)

So, post a comment to let me know you will be there or not, and show up to swim your best and grab a spot on the leader board and enjoy some Scoops Ice cream and a chance to grab tons of door prizes. And remember, try not to fart in your wetsuit, bad things happen... (see photo above) See you there 6pm on Friday noche hombre!

~Your Favorite Hammerfest Race Director,
Travis Earley


Tim Howland said...

I'm out man, company golf tournament. Try to hold back your disappointment, nobody wants to see a grown man cry.

Rachel C said...

I'm gonna get my swimmies and goggles so I can swim like a super champ on the 14th. See you there! R

Travis said...

I'm totally there, free ice cream, a chance to get on the leaderboard and door prizes!??!! what more could you want?? :)

Andy said...

Subaru 4 miler in Buffalo is that night. That's where I will be

Greg said...

Yeah I'll be there on Fri.

Tim said...

Gotta check out this website, got tons of cool Lance videos. Especially the Lance ESPN power Outage commercial and the Lance Alpe D'Huez(on second page) video, which is amazing.


Heather Lakatos said...

Travis I am going to come! Thanks! - Heather

Travis Money said...

I'll be there with my flippers

Heather McLendon said...

My wetsuit seems to be boycotting the lake as it has gone awol. (and yes I know most of you wouldn't think twice about swimming without one at this time of year, but I happen to like my adult waterwings) So, if I can get my hands on it I will definately swim, otherwise. . .

So helpful as an rsvp I know.

Heather McLendon

Bolder said...

dude, lurve your wetsuit look.

stylin'. yet buoyant.

should make it easy for me to find you at the ironman fla swim start.

thanks for linking me.

take care, bold!

Alexis said...

Darren and I are planning on being there tonight. We picked up some nice souvenirs from the Tour de France that will make fantastic Hammerfest awards. We also have some Hammerfest pictures to get to you, but they're on Darren's computer.

See you later,

Ashley said...

I have been doing the tri thing for a while and I am interested in how you get sponsors. I found your blog through Tri-Geek. Cool blog by the way.

Talk to you later.

Travis said...


I actually have a really boring job that I don't like and I sit in front of a computer all day long.

So one day I thought to myself, triathlon is expensive...how can I defray the costs? And then it hit me, all the pro's get sponsors, why couldn't I?

So I put together a race resume and began emailing it with a cover letter to as many organizations as I could find... I started out by choosing what ones I would like to get sponsored by and then just finished with any tri company I could think of. I had no real expectations, but it seemed to work.

I jsut basically would look at the company website and find the "contact us" section and email them and see if they sponsored amateur athletes. I got tons of replies and that's how I went about it. :) Hope that helps~!