July 28, 2006

EPIC DAY #2 - details

OK guys,

For those brave folks who are planning on participating in some of Epic Day #2 with me on Sunday, here are the details/itinerary;

9am - enter Canandaigua Lake to begin swimming 3 miles, this will be 3 out and backs. All the way back to the shore each time and out to the rock barrier. No skimpingthis early in the day...

11am - (or shortly thereafter) depart for two loops around Canandaigua Lake via this route: Kick ass route around Canandaigua, not up Bopple Should be a good ride, be sure to pack enough food to get you thru the bike and if you plan on running afterwards, pack more than you think is necessary to get the most calories on the bike as possible.

5:30pm or 6pm - rack our bikes and lock them on our vehicles (which still would be parked at Kershaw Park) and plod off and shuffle along on a really really easy 90 minute or 120 minute run. The run is not to be sprinted, if you come only for the run and take it out real fast, I won't like you and I will let you run out in front and run away. Those of us who did the swim and the bike will be hurting by that time. Hurting greatly...

***Bring some extra cash and tubes/CO2 for the bike, it will be a 100+ mile ride and you just need to be prepared, so be smart about it. Bring cell phones just in case too and we will exchange #'s before we leave in case anyone gets lost or anything happens. We will stop only a few times to regroup and maybe once to buy drinks/ice cream at that store in Italy Valley again. Additionally, it is supposed to be HOT and humid on Sunday. We are going rain/shine, so come prepared for both (salt caps for the sun, rain gear for the wet...) Again, just be prepared for whatever mommy nature throws our way.

I do not have a course set for the run as it is just going to be a 90-120 minute run and I figure we can just figure out a good direction that day. Bring food/gels/water on the run to stay hydrated and fueled, it will be a long day...I'm wearing a fuel belt for the run like I did last time I ran for epic. (thanks for sponsoring me fuel belt!!!) it's just a good idea.

All in all, it is shaping up to be a STELLAR weekend for EPIC! :) I'm getting stoked about it. It's a HUGE confidence booster for any endurance racing and you can test out nutrition/hydration strategies during training. Come for all, just the swim, or any smattering of the three disciplines. The departure/itinerary times will not change, so if you decide jsut to come for the run, be there by 5:30pm just to be safe... Hope to see you on Sunday for Epic #2!!! Cheers.

Nothing wakes me up like the smell of neoprene in the morning :-)

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