September 30, 2011

Rochester Ironman Hawaii veterans

Several years ago when I first entered the world of multisport, I had this wild idea that I wanted to collect each name of anyone that has ever been to the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.  I thought to myself that this would be quite the project and with a little help from a few friends over at the RATS website here in Rochester and a few other veterans (thanks Rauni!) I've come up with this "comprehensive" list.  (Editors note: If I forgot anyone or missed times/years/etc.  PLEASE email me as I would like to keep this as an all inclusive and on-going list)

I feel honored to be joining this incredibly elite crew from Rochester, NY and I'm so thankful for everyone who has helped me be a part of this.  I still don't think I should be included in the same sentence as some of these folks, but I'll hopefully be able to add my name to the mix in a little over a week.  If you look at some of the names, it's crazy that it's a variable "who's who" of triathletes in the Upstate NY area.  Some have moved away (K. Bergkessel - also the youngest female to go) some have gone multiple times to compete (check out Heidi Grimm, Buzz Schild - local legend, and Denise Everett-lottery and qualifier several times over) and it's cool to see the history. 

There have been only 2 folks that have ever podiumed at the Big Dance and they have received those covetted wooden bowls.  (I KNOW I will not be anywhere near that, so don't get any ideas) But some other folks in my AG are shooting for that I'm sure. 

I've included some out of town friends that have headed there in the past and a few are from Buffalo and all over.  There are only 4 of us that are heading there this year (some are already there!) and my list of people I know who are competing is VERY small.  The list is myself, Pat Wheeler, Chad Holderbaum and Ryan Barnett.  I hope to see them all out there on the Queen K and around town before and maybe after the race, but it will be nice to see some familiar faces in the lava fields.  They have been an excellent resource for me as I feel as if I'm a small fish heading into the freaking ocean (pun intended!)

The arrival at the island is on Wednesday of next week and the race is in a week and a day.  I have a deep tissue massage treatment today with Bruce Merla for my calves, glutes and quads and I'm hoping that gets some pop back into my legs.  I'm not feeling spunky yet, but I just know I have to trust in my taper and rest and by the time I get to the island, I know I'll be starting to feel good.  The beer intake has been halted and I've told myself the next brew I have will taste amazing because it will be DIRECTLY from the Kona Brewing Company on Ali'i Drive.  I have a lot to pack and take care of and 2.5 more days of work to get thru before I leave, so until then friends, rest well.  See you on the lava fields! Cheers.


Ryan said...

Hey! I know that dude.

Anonymous said...

I hope you do well, I just started triathlons this year and I graduated from the same highschool you graduated from. It's a fun sport. I hear about you from some of my CCHS friends, holding some of the track records.

Jason Knarr
Churchville Chili class of '94

Travis said...

Hey thanks Jason! Yep, I'm a fellow grad of CCHS and your name sounds awfully familiar. I was class of 2000, so a little later, but knew a lot of older folks (especially XC guys)

I think I still hold the 800m record and a good friend PJ VanPeursem still holds the steeplechase. Good stuff...

If you are at any local tris and see me, introduce yourself, I'd love to meet you!