January 24, 2009

Snow Cheap Race #2 race report

Well I realized today that I've gotten a little tardy in throwing these race reports up on the blog, so I thought I should get a few up here...

Race #2 happened at 6pm at Cobbs Hill park here in Rochester on January 8th. It was one of those nights where it had been 40* F out for the last 3-4 preceding days and things were slippery as the melt afected what little snow pack that we had in Rochester at that time. Everything was slush.

The race was a non-snowshoe race (due to lack of snow pack) The start went off without a hitch and about 1/4 mile into it, we realized that the cones and markers were heading right over a massive leaf pile that when you ran over it you sank up to about mid shin.

It was a good race that was pretty well marked and pretty hilly too. There were a few climbs and an infamous log that we had to either go over or under (I went over) :o) It was a lung buster style race and the slush made things 10 times harder to run thru. I was able to front run and make it to the line in first overall for the 2nd race in a row...

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