January 27, 2009

Goals...we all have them...these are mine!

So I've kept this list of about the top 20 things I want to accomplish in this Chatauqua of the multisport variety. It ranges from things that I want to accomplish next year all the way up to goals that I would like to accomplish before I am too old to compete.

A close friend told me once that it was best to say goals out loud and tell everyone your plans because then you would be held accountable and hold yourself to a higher standard as well during races, life, etc. I feel that goals are something that trancend life and delve into realms that are able to be viewed in various aspects of your life not only the area that you are setting goals for. But enough philosophical stuff... on to the goals (just so I can hold myself accountable at a later date... :o) haha)

Without further adieu (in no particular order) my multisport goals:

1. Qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i
2. Get back onto the podium for an Ironman 140.6 event
3. Break 10 hours in an Ironman (60/5/5:30/2/3:22 = 9:59)
4. Break 2:00:00 in an Olympic Distance Triathlon (PR is a 2:05 currently)
5. Get into the 4:3x range for the half ironman distance
6. Run a sub 36 minute 10km run at the end of an Olympic Distance Triathlon
7. Run a sub 2:50 marathon in an open marathon
8. Bike under an hour in a 40km time trial
9. Run an open half marathon between 1:18 and 1:20
10. Swim a mile in open water in under 20 minutes
11. Run an Ironman Marathon somewhere between 3:10-3:15
12. Win the Musselman Half ironman triathlon in Geneva, NY
13. Swim between a 28 - 30 for a Half Ironman swim leg (never gone below 30...to date)
14. Win a triathlon straight up against Carl Johnson - he knows I'm gunning for him...)
15. Win the Score-This!!! Multisport Series one year
16. Become a professional trathlete by USAT multisport standards
17. Break 2:50 in the Boston Marathon (PR= 2:53)
18. Run a 15km run in sub 55:04 (college PR)
19. Qualify for the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, FL (then don't go b/c too much drafting...)
20. Run marathons at all the major ones (Boston, Chicago, NYC, London, etc)

Those are a start for my multisport goals. In no way was that a complete list or was it set in stone. Actually if I do not even achieve one of these goals that I have set for myself and I tried my best throughout the seasons that I compete, I will be happy. I know that I am very fortunate to be able to race as fast as I do and compete and meet all the people that I do. It's a fantastic lifestyle and I'm thankful that I am part of it all :o)

And as an aside, I am in the start of a rest week and drinking a beer as I am typing this, so I understand that my actions right now are not that conducive to attaining all of these goals, but it's been an exhausting few weeks lately and I need the rest. So on that note, I have a beer to finish and swimming to wake up for tomorrow morning, so I'm off. Cheers folks, hope you've been JFT'ing and I will catch you all soon. Rest hard.


Moohammed said...

Is exhaust just to read your list,Travis. Fastest i run is time apache helicopter is chase me down cave.

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

Hmm...accountability. Wonder who planted that seed?

See. I read. I post. There!

Travis said...

Oh I forgot one....swim a 1,000 butterfly straight :o)

Tim said...

Weird but I don't see do a 6 hour snowshoe race with your buddies in there. I guess you must've bagged out on that one. Shoot that Nyquil and get some sleep Sally.