August 31, 2008

One week out...

Many thanks to Simply Stu for the pic above (I actually don't even think he knows that I nabbed it, but I was perusing his blog and podcasts and came across this and thought it would be a nice representation of the IMmoo run course and though I would put it up. Thanks Stu!)

I'm one week out from my third Ironman race in as many years and oddly enough when people ask me if I am ready or not, I usually tell them a cop out answer like, "we'll see if the training pays off" or something like that because I don't want to jinx anything. Ironically as well, I'm not really that nervous about it. I guess it's still a far way away and I'm sure I will get a little more tense as the race draws nearer, but so far, not many nerves yet.

Maybe the eerie calmness stems from the fact that I still have LOADS to do before I leave on Wednesday morning. Like for example, today I have a 10 mile run on the training dockett. Normally on a weekend that would be the only thing I have to do and I could be a lazy piece of crap until I did that run and then just relax and eat all day :o) mmmmmm eating :o)

But today, I have to go to the local Fleet Feet at noon today and pickup a new pair of shoes before the run today. I'm gonna try and grab a pair of Brooks Axcioms for the marathon portion of IMmoo. But the Fleet Feet doesn't open until noon, so I have to wait to do that.
The one thing that I did get done beforehand was travel from Rochester to Angola, NY to pickup a pair of Reynolds race wheels from a good friend Doug Bush. They are a pair of tubulars and they look really quick. I still haven't had a chance to put them on the bike because I still have to swap over the cassette and get that all straighted out (still don't know how to do that bike repair) But I will definitely drop some pictures here in the next few days of the chariot looking all dolled up pre-race. (a few folks have been asking for some bike prOn so i'll have to get some shots up there.)
I also want to do a post about goals for the race too (I know I promised that before) so will try to get that one up maybe tomorrow? Who knows. For now, it's off to the shoe store to grab a new par of racers (I know it's like the cardinal sin of marathoning to get a new pair a week before a race, but the last few weeks kinda slipped away from me) I'll at least get a 10 miler in them before the IM, so that will have to suffice. :o) Until later folks, cheers.

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