August 24, 2008

2 weeks out...

I love to taper...I love to have all of that training sink in and finally benefit you. I love just being able to go out and say, "hey, I ONLY need to do a 2 hour ride and a 4 mile run today". If you haven't noticed, I'm in the middle of the taper for Ironman Wisconsin. I had a good build (had a 17 hour week in there - most I've ever done) and I'm feeling ok about the training that I've put in. I guess time will tell and on race day the results will be posted.

Believe me, I still have my concerns though. The dreams are still there, and yes, they wake me out of a sound sleep about 2-3 times a week (just part of the game I guess.) I think the real reason that they are there is because I have put several really high goals on myself to attain. We'll see what happens. I'll post a good one later about my goals for this race. Luckily the ATHLETE GUIDE has shown up, but the bib #'s still aren't up on the website due to a technical difficulty. They should be soon as we are two weeks out. I leave in 1.5 weeks and still have a butt load of stuff to get done before I go.
Taper city blues (population - me) as I'm just getting more and more anxious to get this race started. I just want to "do what I do" and get out there and play. 2 weeks left. Hope I can make it.... cheers.

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