August 14, 2007

Fresh ink

So I'm sorry to report that I don't have any photos to share. Well I do, but I don't really feel like saving and copying it in to this post right now because I am kind of tired, so I'll just give you all the link:

Rich spelled my name wrong in the linky, but I'll let that slide because he is such a great guy :)

I'm eventually going to put a band around my ankle and it is looking like it will take about 8 or 9 to do it looks like I have a few more years of IM'ing to go :) - who am I kidding? I'm doing this for a long time!! :)

But year, sorry about all the goofy photos from IMLP in the last post, but I figured I would shoot those out there. I'm sorry I didn't have any time for any words, but the photos needed to get up here. I'll post a race report for Wilson and the Great Race later on, but until then, train hard, rest hard, and enjoy a beer every once in a while (Guinness is good for you I hear!) I know I will. Cheers.


Dying Water Buffalo said...

Nice! :) Very creative with the chain idea. I dig it.

Anonymous said...

Did you forget about your blog?