August 9, 2007

Dear Travis,

I took something of yours from you this summer. It is likely you will not see it for a while, maybe even not until next spring when the snow melts. That's right, I have stolen your speed...

No more ripping off sub 6 minute running miles in triathlons, no more 23+ mph bike splits either, no matter what the distance. Even in a measly little sprint triathlon or a 5k road race, you won't see that speed anymore. Remember all of those fast twitch muscle fibers that you took so long to build up? Yeah, they are gone, lost for a long time. Oh, and the kick in the nuts is that I have replaced those fast twitch fibers with slow twitch muscle fibers so that you will have the ability to do long distance stuff, but not the lung capacity anymore.

Yep, I've gotten that too. Since you took so much time off after racing me, I decided to jack up your heart rate whenever you workout and make it VERY difficult for you to breathe now. Even if you go out and try to run an easy 5 miles like you did yesterday. I'm going to make you sweat like a fat kid and push your heart rate about 30bpm more than it should be, just for fun!

I know it was a great experience to race me, but you have understand where I am coming from as well. There are sacrifices that need to be made. In that vein, I have stolen your speed for a while. Don't expect it back anytime soon...

The Ironman

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