October 13, 2007

I'm back in action folks!

So yeah, after numerous complaints that this nice blog has been neglected, I've decided to catch you all up to speed on all the cool stuff that I've been up to in the most recent months since Ironman Lake Placid.

Things in the house of "Keep Moving Forward" have been pretty good. Ironman left a slight mark on this triathletes tired legs, but things have recovered and in due time stuff picked back up again and I am now focusing all of my efforts into the Philadelphia Marathon on November 18th trying to acomplish the life goal I had set so long ago to qualify for the Boston Marathon and by chance perhaps break 3 hours. (I always told myself when I was younger that if I was going to run a marathon straight up, I was going to do it and break 3 hours....now I just have to live up to my own standards! - easier said than done! ) That being only 2 weeks away is becoming a bit of a reality that I will be racing my first straight up marathon. (The 20.5 mile run that I went on yesterday with B. Matthews at 6:47 pace seemed to boost the morale too - you need to go 6:50 pace for 26.2 to be able to break 3 hours)

This post is really quick to tell you all that I didn't forget about my blog, work just decided to block www.blogger.com and I cannot do my blogging before/after work anymore so the updates will be a little less frequent. I don't have a computer at home, so that puts a damper on things as well. I have been updating the sidebar regularly when I can and I know I owe myself some race reports from Wilson, Dances, Finger Lakes Tri, Hospice, and many others. So I will try to get those up when I can.

I'm sorry I can't write more, but I will try to get back to this sometime soonish. I'm going to go ride for a little bit on the beast (as she has been ridden like 3 times since IMLP...and she told me she feels neglected) and I will take her out for a few miles today. So I'm out, but I'll hopefully catch you all up to speed shortly! Take care and see you all out on the roads, Cheers.

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Dying Water Buffalo said...

glad to have you back... even though it's been a month since you posted :) shesh man, at least update your race calendar for 2008!