March 26, 2007

He cut me!!!

So as of the last post, most of you all know that I recently got more ink on my left ankle. What I neglected to tell you all was probably the funniest part of the whole experience.

When you get a tattoo, they have to shave the area you are getting inked so that there is a clean and clear canvas for the tattoo artist to work with. This time for me it was the trickiest part of the leg to shave (and as a triathlete, I think I know a thing or two about shaving legs...) it was the ankle.

So I explain what I want and the artist looks at me and makes me roll up my pantleg and takes out the single bladed razor. It might as well have been a pink lady BIC razor. He shaves a small patch on my ankle and CUTS me!!!!! Seriously, let me repeat that, HE CUT ME WITH THE RAZOR AND SAID, "oops!"

Now a little background to the story is that I have taken pride in the fact that I haven't cut myself while shaving my legs in the last TWO triathlon seasons.... You may notice the little red mark under the inking in the pictures below. That actually hurt more than the whole tattoo and still is sore and red today (a week later) seriously the tattoo stopped bleeding before the cut did.

And the worst part is that he didn't even give me a discount on the price of it....after he cut me...

So anyway, it's healing. I did my first swim with it and the chlorine didn't affect it (you were right Erin...) and last week was a rest week and it's doing ok. Peeling a little, but overall I'm really happy with it. Anyway, that's all I have to say, just wanted to add that story. Take care all, cheers and I'll see you on the roads (now that the weather is better here in NY!) Cheers.


Bolder said...

that was a come from behind finish then, considering the tat turned out great!

i'm a 'what starts badly, ends badly' kinda dude... i would been outta there!!

SkiRough said...

ha. yikes, glad it wasn't anything deep. the ankles are always a pain to shave.