April 29, 2007

Leave of absence

So folks,

It's been a really long time (I think a month plus) that I have written and for that I apologize. I tend to set some goals in my life that sometimes I cannot reach. I set a goal a long time ago that I would write at least once a week, and this month I have not.

Things have been really crazy here lately. I recently got a new job (after several months of "living the dream" and being on unemployment and just training as much as I could - it was nice, just like a pro triathlete I would imagine...) So it's been the new job, I'm looking for a new apartment (because the ceiling has been POURING water on me when it rains...) and admist all of that I have been ramping my training levels to unspeakable hour-age in preparation for Ironman Lake Placid and Muskoka LC tri in Candada.

I don't have long to write today, I'm on my way to go to the laundromat to wash the 1.5 weeks of dirty work/training/comfy clothes that are in my apartment right now. Afterwards, I'm heading on a 16 mile (2 hour - 7:30 pace) run, which should round out a nice 13 hour training week.

I'm out for now...I'm planning on coming to work earlier this week to write more, but today is jam packed. Take care for now and I will update better later on. Cheers. Train hard.


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