August 14, 2006

Hammerfest Eight details

For those of you who can't read the caption, it says "Consequently, Jesus was banned from further triathlons..." - thought this one was hysterical. Hope you get a laugh out of it. :)

Well hello Hammerheads,

It's that time of the month again for the Hammerfest Swim. We've reached our eighth month (been going strong since January) and I believe that these actually DO help people reduce their swim times, or just get people to get some more open water swimming in....

So without further adieu, details for Hammerfest 8, or H8 for short, are as follows:

8/25/06 - 7pm - Kershaw Park in Canandaigua

***Meet outside the large blue changing house and we will organize there to go over the details and course. Just look for my bright blue Honda with the bike rack on the back and triathlon stickers ALL over the rear bumper. Bring a watch to time yourself (yes were are REALLY high tech...) and the times will be posted to the leaderboard after exiting the water.

Awards and door prizes will commence shortly after the last swimmer has exited the water and changed into dryland clothes. Awards will be at Scoops Ice cream across the street so bring some cash for a tasty post-workout treat. The overall swimmer with the fastest time will get his/her ice cream purchased for them!!! :) Wahoo!

We are opening this up to swimmers of all ages and I will be posting this on the RATS website as well. Wetsuits are not required, and the water should be plenty warm enough, but if you are a speed demon and want the extra advantage, they are recommended! Invite anyone who you think would want to attend and swim a mile. I am planning on making this the biggest Hammerfest yet! Be sure not to miss out on the fun of Hammerfest 8!

Reply to my email or post a comment here to let me know you are going to be able to attend so I can get a grip on the #'s. Be there on Friday night chicos/chicas and be ready to race, the leaderboard will be rearranged once again! Cheers!


Kelly Boerschlein said...

Sorry, I can't make Hammerfest 8. I will be in Boston. Have fun!
-Kelly B.

Kelly Boerschlein said...
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Flatman said...

Great cartoon!