August 7, 2006

Champs d'ParkEast

So I know this is a little latter than normal to be posted to the site, and I feel a little silly even acknowledging it now considering the recent news, but this is a photo is from the last day of le Tour. At 11am, as the pro's were taking their celebratory ride on the Champs d'Elysees sipping champagne and celebrating the last 3 weeks of riding thru France, Greg and I had our own celebratory ride around a loop on Park Ave and East Ave.

We drank sparkling water out of REAL champagne glasses (the sparkling water tasted TERRIBLE by the way...I don't know HOW people can drink it!) and rode our bikes around the "block" yelling such chants as, "vive le tour!" and "yeah, Floyd!". It was a good time and we got some strange looks considering our garb and demeanor, but it was fun and nonsensical nonetheless. :)

Considering the recent series of unfortunate events in the news, it seems like it was all for naught. Maybe I'm being naive, but no one wants to see their idols fall off a pedestal and especially not the winner of the tour de France. I hope he gets cleared, but there's a strong suspicion that he just may not...unfortunate, but the real world is harsh, I guess.

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