August 29, 2012

Triathlon funnies

So I've had some posts that have been on my To-Do list here for a while and since I'm "officially' tapering now, I suppose I can get to them!  But for right now, I'm just going to leave you all with <hopefully> a laugh.  I found some good photos that have little to do with triathlon online:
My doctor DID tell me I was anemic a while ago....
They should've made an IRONMAN bar!
I just thought this was hilarious and very true

But anyway, things have been uber busy here, we've been decorating the house, adjusting to home life and having visitors up the wazoo come and stay with us.  My good friend Phil is actually with us for 6 weeks while he finishes up a rotation to become a PA in Circleville, OH.

Between all that, we're trying to do the normal stuff to adjust to Ohio, like get new licenses, plates, registrations and titles for the cars.  Here is a shot of good old "blue balls" taken a few summers ago.  I can finally post it now because I no longer have those plates and according to the NYS DMV, they've been destroyed after I mailed them back.  But the one project I did was to take all of the stickers off the bumper of that car, so as not to be "that guy" in a new town and new city.  Right now the only Ironman paraphernalia I have on the car is a simple chrome license plate holder that reads, "Ironman World Championships" 
I still love stickers, just don't want to be too ostentatious.  I've got a draft of the wedding and honeymoon post almost ready to go, along with a few other articles and a quick post about a course preview day that I did up at Rev3 in Cedar Point (along with some updates and x-ray pictures...cue the dramatic music!)  But I'll leave that till next time. Rest hard, keep those feet up my friends and I'll see you on the roads of Ohio.  Cheers!


Ryan said...

Holy shit you must get better gas mileage now with all those stickers off...about 200lbs lighter

Travis said...

Oh Ryan, that was a year ago....there were more installed in the timeframe between when that picture was taken and when they all came off this past year!

Tim said...

Hey, bumper stickers are kinda of a big deal.