July 16, 2012

Ridecarbon.com article

So I was asked to write a few articles for a new and awesome triathlon site shortly after arriving back stateside from that race in the middle of the Pacific.  If you've never heard of the site, check it out HERE.  They are a fantastic supporter of many different races in WNY and PA.  They have an online store which always seems to be having sales and try to share as much knowledge about racing triathlons as they can.

I wrote a short article about the importance of training with bike and run nutrition if you are doing anything half IM or longer.  Train with what's on course and you'll remove another variable from your race.  It's kinda simple, but a lot of people (myself included in the past) will wing it on race day.  

The article can he found HERE and while you're at it, poke around the site, there's a lot of good stuff on there and new content is always being added.  Cheers!

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