April 9, 2012

2011 USAT year end rankings

I received this email in my inbox the other day and just like last year, I've become another bridesmaid, but not a bride. This is like the 5th year in a row, so I'm not complaining, it's nice to be included on this list.  I guess I just need to race more, but the more years I have in this sport, the less I like to bury myself with racing every weekend (and I can't afford it either!) I think I'm much better with longer efforts and only a handful of races each year.  Train smartly friends, cheers.


Matt Curbeau said...

That is exactly what it is...the more races you do the more money that usat gets in reg fees. The only rankings that matter are those on the big island anyway right? Keep it real dude!

Travis said...

Fair enough brother...hope you're getting right back at it and staying healthy after TX. October is a long time away. Be safe

Greg Buzulencia said...

Don't worry, you'll be a bride in May sweetie!

Tim said...

First off why does your blog display the comment dates as if we're in Europe?
Second, congrats on that USAT achievement.
Thirdly, why do we say "Honorable Mention" when just "Mention" seems more correct? What exactly did you do to deserve this honor? Pay USAT more money than me? Neglect your parenting duties more than some other guy so you could train? Skip braces for your kids to get a new P5?
And we wonder why triathletes think they are better than everyone else.