April 21, 2011

USAT All American Honorable Mention

Well the rankings issue of Triathlon Life arrived in the mail just the other day and it solidified my status (yet again) of being a bridesmaid and not a bride in the triathlon world.  I was bestowed with the prestigious honor of being named a USAT All American Honorable Mention for another year. 

I’ve been chasing after a solid All-American Status (top 5% in the AG nationally) instead of the AAHM status (which is top 10% of the age group nationally) but I think I would’ve had to race a lot faster in 2010 :o) Apparently winning 2 of the three triathlons that I raced in 2010 wasn’t enough to get to AA status! (I jest….I know it’s a crazy point system that they use for the rankings based on pace setters, etc)

But that’s a quick update for you all, I hope that the training is going well and I’ll be getting up a Muddy Sneaker race report in the next few days. Train hard my friends and I’ll see you out on the roads, cheers!

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