March 15, 2011

More ramblings...

Well I have a little bit of extra time at work here today and I thought I would add on to the post from yesterday with a few new tidbits of stuff going on in the land of Keep Moving Forward.  Things are still going okay and I'm getting back into the big training once more and getting back into the groove once more. 

This past block of training was good, I was beat afterwards, which tells me I need to focus a little longer on rest, recovery and nutrition between key workouts and thru the day (so maybe giving up the Dew isn't a bad idea after all) The only thing that was different about this last block is that I didn't race and I think I missed that.  Maybe it's the fact that I didn't race last weekend that has made my mood quite melancholy, but it's something.  I enjoy racing and I know I have a lot of it coming up on the horizon, but I've been missing seeing the gains from all the labor that I've been putting in this year.  (and that's been a lot over the last few weeks) But after this new block of training (3-4 weeks) I'll be racing a lot, so that will hopefully scratch the itch.

I didn't give up coffee this year and I vowed to never again after that Chicago race report (as Tim pointed out) so hopefully the above hyper caffienated situation will not apply.  :o) That was a totally random picture and thought to put down here, but I really just wanted to add the picture to the blog.

In other news, the prelimiary rankings came out for the One Hour Postal Swim that I did back in January and it was some fierce competition with places 1-10 getting medals in each age group.  After busting my hump and swimming faster than I ever have before and covering 4800yards, I ended up 15th overall in my age group.  Not too shabby and I'll take it.  Realistically, next year I'd love to be in and around that 5k mark as I think that is a solid barrier to be around.  Preliminary rankings can be found: HERE

I also know that I owe you all the "seasonal" listing of my beer offerings from the top ten list and here is a solid picture to depict that from my buddy who comments on this blog so much, Tim.
Tim, your comments and squirrelly pictures amuse me much, so thank you so much for making my day brighter.  (I'm just actually glad you gave up the ribbing about pulling out of Cast-A-Shadow several years ago!) But in the light of the picture above, I will NOT be adding Budweiser to my list of seasonals, and will put a solid focus on Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter beers that make my "top 3 seasonal" lists each year.  So when those seasons come along, you all can enjoy like I do, if you prefer.  Or just try some new and exciting tastes.

So with that, I'll close this post.  I feel a lot better about how "up-to-date" the blog is now and I got a chance to use two funny photos to boot! :o) See you all in the dungeon, on the trainer, on the roads and hopefully on the trails soon after the snow melt friends.  Train hard and cheers!


Tim said...

Aw thanks man. I've always felt like more of an eclispe than the Sun. I feel you've served your time for your Cast-A-Shadow offense. But I doubt it'll be long before you do something worthy of the Nut House once again. As clarification, I do not mean the place on Monroe Ave. And as Travis learned, the hard way one should also note, they only sell product and do not buy it. Especially not from door to door soliciters.

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