March 18, 2011

First outdoor ride of the year!

Last night I was able to go for my first outdoor ride of the year.  Had a nice 35+mile ride outside as the sun was setting.  Didn't move an inch, but it was nice to get out in the fresh air and have a breeze and a little change of pace. 
It became pitch black by the time I got finished with the ride, but honestly that’s no different than when the lights turn off after about 15 minutes in the basement when I’m riding. So it was a good ride and I only got a few weird stares from motorists passing by (I was right next to the parking lot) and it was a good ride. Normally when I’m riding in the basement and the lights are on, this is the view that I have:
Yesterday, I took advantage of the weather though and brought the entire set up outside and got my ride in outside :o) That was partly because I was lacking the time to get my entire ride in and also partly because I still have to get a new helmet after some moron decided he would walk out of the transition area with mine at Musselman last year.  I’ll be picking one up this evening on my way home from work, don’t you worry!  

So with that, get outside, enjoy this unseasonably warm weather and train my friends.  The spring is right around the corner (actually this weekend) and I expect to see you all on the roads and trails, training hard.  Cheers!

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Tim said...

I would look at you funny too for riding on a trainer outdoors next to the parking lot instead of on the actual roads. I know you have a helmet to use, mainly my old Ghisallo I loaned you. But I am glad you got out of the basement for a change. Did the sun hurt your eyes and the Eloi all run away in fear?