May 25, 2010

She's arrived....

...the Lunar Phoenix has landed. All she needs is a new set of tires and she's ready to race on. See you out on the roads friends! Cheers.

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Tim said...

Must've been hell pushin' that out. Did you let her in bed the first night? Strikes me as the kind of bike whom might eat cookies or crackers. Is that okay with you? It's a fair question and a conversation you should have with her before it gets serious. Don't wanna break up because she thinks Fig Newtons are simply fruit and cake and therefore not on the banned substance list. Hey, I've been there and it's not pretty.
Okay, glad you finally have your bike back man. When you were stuck on your trike I could atleast hang in your draft but now I will be doomed to life off the back once again. It was nice while it lasted, well except when you wear those shorts with the hole in the butt. You know that hole only gets bigger when you're in an aero position, right?

Good luck at Buffalo this weekend. Looks like the heat might subside a bit for you luckily. It definitely took a bit out of me at Lilac. No sub 39 for me, lucky I hung on for sub 40.